GROUP PT OUTDOOR training is 45 minutes.

We reserve the right to alter the timetable due to public holidays
e.g. Christmas, Easter, Anzac Day etc

*Payments on the 1st of the month please pro rata for that month via Visa or Mastercard

Membership options

✔ 2 x sessions weekly ✔ 2 x sessions weekly = $17.50/session ($35/week. $140/month total)

✔3 x sessions ✔ 3 x sessions = $15.00/session ($45/week. $180/month total)

24 hours notice both from the PT or member must be given. If PT cancels you will be given a makeup PT session. If member cancels with less than 24 hours notice you forfeit that PT session
*Payments up front please via Visa or Mastercard. Six months to use & not transferable

ONE WITH PT ✔ 4pk PT training = $250
✔ 9pk PT training = $500

TWO WITH PT (per person)✔4pk PT training = $135 ✔9pk PT training = $270

THREE TO FOUR WITH PT (per person)✔4pk PT training = $100 ✔9pk PT training = $200

Note: We support you with training & training programs…….you receive the lot. Investment will vary based on the support levels

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