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Formally Step Into Life, we trained over 1,200 locals since 2007, many still training with us, we are super proud of that. Some leave then return, the environment they crave is addictive. We are unique, supportive & fun!!


There is so much write about enjoyment with training and benefit. Take your pick and I will back up anything you choose

Enjoyment about training – two items

  1. No matter how cold, windy, wet or hot weather, the Welcome Board outside the oval, always gets set up before everyone shows up for training. For over 12 years, the fitness training team led by Kim have never failed that promise and commitment to be prepared to offer their support. That commitment and discipline played a good part for my great start and ongoing success.

Tony Tanti

Fourteen years ago I came to the conclusion that if I kept up my current lifestyle of working long hours, eating all the wrong things and not exercising that I would be flat out seeing my Daughter start High school let alone see how she would go as an adult.

The only letterbox leaflets I used to read were the ones from fast food outlets, except for one day when I read one from personal trainer Kim Aldred.

He offered a new avenue of fitness as I had grown tired of visiting gyms where people tended to work out for 5 minutes, then stare at themselves for half an hour afterwards in the mirrors provided.

Tony Lawrence

When I started training with Kim and his team at Krazdfit, I hadn’t exercised in four years.

I had lower back pain and could barely walk when I got out of bed in the morning. My goal was to exercise 3 times a week and on Kim’s advice I chose a combination of strength training and cardio sessions.

Nine months later, two days after my 40th birthday, I completed my first ever half marathon and ran all the way. When I felt like stopping I could hear Deb saying to me “Keep going, your legs won’t fall off. If they do you can stop!”.

Michelle Sait

Having a busy lifestyle of that of a working mum provided me many excuses to not put my health and mental wellbeing high (or even on) my priority list. It was far easier to put the needs of the children, work, husband, family and friends before myself.

So, when I first met Kim his first words to me were ‘Fantastic and Improving’, I was like wow this guy is nuts, how can we be fantastic and still be improving isn’t fantastic what we are all aiming for? This was my “open door opportunity” and four years on I now enjoy the challenge of how far I can push my mind & body.

Amanda Flannery

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